National Guard SGT
Grand Blanc, MI
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Memorial Location: 

Taylor National Guard Armory
12450 Beech Daly Road
Taylor, MI

Died of non-combat related illness while serving in Balad, Iraq.

Assigned to the 46th Military Police Company, 210th Military Police Battalion, Kingford, MI.
Thomas (Tom) was born April 5, 1969, to Casey and Carol Wright in Pontiac, Michigan. Twenty-two months later Tom’s brother Paul was born. Tom and Paul grew up doing everything together and became the best of friends. One of the things they loved to do together was bicycle riding. This passion soon turned into a racing passion and in 1984 they joined a racing team called The Flying Rhinos. Tom raced with The Flying Rhinos until 1992. // Tom attended Rochester Adams high School and graduated in 1987. During school Tom was the kid who always looked out for others. He was known to take classmates under his wing and protect them from the school bullies. In 1992, Tom met Katherine Denton. It didn’t take lon before they both realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. On April 12, 2002, Tom and Kate welcomed their daughter Alexis (Lexi) to the world. Lexi had her dad wrapped around her finder from the moment he laid eyes on her. Tom was a wonderful father who enjoyed spending as much time as he could with Lexi and Kate. // Just after Tom turned 30, he decided to join the Michigan Army national Guard. He was the oldest soldier in his boot camp which earned him the nickname “Papa Wright”. Tom graduated from boot camp in March, 2001. After graduation Tom became a member of the 144th Military Police Company in Owosso, Michigan// In March of 2002, Tom was activated with the 144th to Washington D.C. the unit was sent to the Pentagon for a year in support of Operation Noble Eagle. Even though Lexi was born a month after Tom left he was able to make it home for her birth, which was very important to him. Tom returned from his deployment in February 2003, in time to see Lexi take her first steps. // In September of 2005, Tom was sent to Mississippi for a month to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. At the same time Tom and Kate moved to Grand Blanc so they could be closer to Tom’s brother and his family. A couple of months later the opportunity came for Tom to volunteer to be deployed with the 46th MP Co, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Tom knew he would have to go sooner or later and felt strongly about volunteering for the deployment. On July 9, 2006, Tom left with the 46th MP Co for a fifteen month deployment to Iraq. Tom originally scheduled to take his R&R in July 2007, however at the last minute he changed it and came home in February. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Kate and Lexi. // Tragically on May 14, 2007, Tom suffered what was thought to be a heart attack and died enroute to Germany for surgery. The official cause of death was an aortic dissection and aneurysm cause from an enlarged heart. // Tom will be remembered as a great son, brother, best friend, husband, father, uncle and soldier. // Sergeant Thomas Wright’s awards and decorations include: The Bronze Star Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Iraqi Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal, the Global War on Terror Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.


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