National Guard SPC
Kent City, MI
Operation Iraqi Freedom
Memorial Location: 

Taylor National Guard Armory
12450 Beech Daly Road
Taylor, MI

Killed while conducting combat operations while assisting Iraqi police with their duties in Baghdad, Iraq.

Assigned to the 46th Military Police Company, Michigan National Guard, Kingsford, MI.

Brandon was born on December 7, 1983, to Bill and Tracy Stout in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Brandon’s little brother Adam came along two years later, and the tow would always share a special bond. His parents divorced and each remarried, bringing six more siblings into Branson’s life. // Brandon grew up in Northern Kent County, spending most of his schooling years in Kent City. He spent his childhood running through the apple orchards out back and spent countless hours fishing in their creek. He also grew up with a powerful love of the Lord, which became his light during the dark times. While in high school, he became very active in his church’s youth program, becoming a student leader. // Brandon attended Kent City High School, and graduated in 2002. He very much specialized in socializing in high school, making many friends and keeping everyone well entertained with his antics. An avid golfer, he played on the golf tea, and also sang in the choir. A huge history and government buff, he also anchored the Quiz Bowl team that won a state title. Always a very quick witted young man, he was also the clown, enjoyed dressing as the school mascot (an eagle) and was voted Prom King. // After high school, Brandon attended Great Lakes Christian College in Lansing, following his faith. After a year there, he realized he needed to make some decisions in life before continuing his education. // Brandon might not have found his calling at college, but he did find his true love. One day he met a beautiful young woman named Audrey Hinken, a fellow freshman at the small school. With a little prodding from their friends, Brandon finally asked Audrey for a date on her 18th birthday. That first date consisted of Brandon’s friends serenading her while they enjoyed some Slurpees. That ‘s all it took for the two of them. They began dating, fell in love and got engaged on New Year’s Eve, 2004. The young couple was married on may 20, 2005. // By then Brandon had found a career as well. After his first year in college, he joined the Michigan Army National Guard, hoping to serve the Lord as a Chaplain’s Assistant. He was, instead, assigned to duty as a Military Policeman, yet saw this as God’s plan for him to better relate to his peers. // He returned to Michigan with the Guard, and he and Audrey lived in Lansing so she could continue college. He worked some delivery jobs, but finally landed a job with the Transportation Security Administration, both in Lansing and later in Grand Rapids. // In early 2006, he learned he would be deployed with the 46th MP company to Iraq. He and Audrey moved to Grand Rapids to be closer to their family, awaiting his call to duty. He left on July 9, 2006, for more training, and eventually ended up in Baghdad in early October. There he helped train the Iraqi Police force, giving him close contact with so many people who needed his help. Seeing so much misery around him, Brandon began collecting soccer balls to give to the needy children of Iraq, just one more display of his enormous heart and powerful faith. Serving in Iraq was his mission, but doing the Lord’s work was his calling. // He kept close contact with his family and Audrey while overseas. He also wrote of his faith and his fears on his webpage on “the Lord has taught me many lessons on this deployment, all of which will stay with me until my very end”, Brandon wrote. “However, none more important than the lesson of praising Him in life’s Storms - and this is a storm like nothing I have ever seen and one like most people never see..” // In the darkness of the Iraq War, Brandon used his faith - and humor- as a light for those around him. He was forever optimistic, and loved to make people laugh, and at 6’ 4’’, people looked up to him both literally and figuratively. He was the type of man you were just drawn to, by the pull of his personality. // On January 22, 2007 Michigan Army National Guard Specialist Brandon Stout was killed while serving his country, when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device. // Brandon was a remarkable young man, so devout in his faith, so passionate in his love. He was a loyal son and brother, loving husband and faithful friend to so many. He was proud and honored to serve his country, especially the Lord. Brandon always knew God had a plan for him. He will be greatly missed. // specialist Brandon Stout’s awards and decorations include, the Bronze Star medal, the Purple Heart Medal, the national Defense Service, the Iraqi Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.


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